Thermal Imaging Type: Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

A thermal imaging rifle scope is a type of thermal imaging device that is mounted on top of a rifle and used for hunting, surveillance or military operations. It works by detecting the heat signatures of objects and displaying them on a screen or through a viewfinder, allowing the user to see in complete darkness or low light conditions.

Thermal imaging rifle scopes can detect the heat signature of an animal or person at a long distance, even in complete darkness, making them ideal for hunting or surveillance. They can also be used to detect temperature differences, making them useful for identifying structural issues in buildings or equipment.

Most thermal imaging rifle scopes use uncooled microbolometer technology for detecting the heat signatures and some of the advanced models can detect heat signatures at a distance of more than 1000 meters. They are often used by the military and law enforcement agencies for surveillance and reconnaissance, and are also used by civilians for hunting, search and rescue operations, and security.


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AGM Global Vision Rattler

AGM Global Vision Rattler TS25-384 1.5x25mm Compact Short/Medium Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

AGM Global Vision Rattler TS25-384: A Powerful Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope Whether you’re a professional hunter, law enforcement officer, or an avid hobbyist, AGM Global Vision’s Rattler TS25-384 is an excellent choice for a thermal imaging rifle scope. This compact and lightweight scope offers superior performance in short to medium-range engagements. High Performance Features The […]

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