Facts To Know About Sub-Ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm vape tanks are relatively new in the market. To most people, the concept of sub-ohm vaping remains unclear. Ideally, it refers to some form of resistance put on atomizer’s oil head. This innovative vaping technology takes vaping to another level. How does sub ohm vaping work and why should you think about it? Here are some important factors to know about this new way of vaping.

Creates a Dense Vapor Cloud

dense vape cloud

Some vapers prefer vape pens that give them more cloud. Unfortunately, most vape pens on the market do not have what it takes to offer a dense vape cloud. The good news to cloud chasing vapers is that sub- ohm vape pens can offer more than enough cloud. However, these vape pens require a bigger coil or wick. Moreover, they also need to be filled with an e-juice with a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin than propylene. This combination comes with an assurance of massive and denser clouds.

Better Flavor

Flavor means everything to some if not all vapers. For the same reasons a sub-ohm vape pen can produce a large and denser cloud, so does it provide a rich flavor. More vapor on each puff means that the flavor inhaled in equally the same. In fact, the main some vapors are not willing to go back to conventional cape vapes is the richness offered by this sub-ohm pens.

Lowe Nicotine Strength

Another essential feature of sub-ohm vaping is that it uses relatively lower amounts of nicotine. This makes it appropriate for low nicotine vapers along with individuals trying to cut down their dependence on nicotine. In fact, one can use as a way of overcoming traditional smoking, which causes all sorts of health problems. Ideally, low nicotine levels mean that it is a safer and healthier vaping option.

Warm Vapor

vaping time

The preference to either warm or cold vapor is a matter of personal preference. However, sub-ohm vapors are known to produce warm vapor due to the heat produced by vaping. If you prefer a warm vape, this is probably what you have always been looking for. On the other hand, it is perhaps not what you need if you prefer a cool vape.

If you love a huge cloud and a big burst of flavor, sub-ohm vaping offers exactly that or even more. There are different brands in the market each with unique features.…