Night Vision Rifle Scope Brand: ATN

ATN is a leading tech optics company that specializes in 4K resolution digital smart optics for day and night operation, as well as thermal imaging optics. They offer a wide range of products for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, military, and law enforcement. Their 4th generation products feature the Obsidian 4 core with dual processor, improved image processing capabilities, and ultra-HD sensor and dual core processor technology that delivers unmatched picture quality with no loss of resolution up to 10x magnification. They have a commitment to customer satisfaction and provide technical service and expert advice.

ATN also sources and acquires the best available image intensification technologies from top US and European producers for their night vision devices. They also have made impressive strides in developing thermal technology for their thermal imaging products.

HD Video Recordings, Wireless Streaming, Ballistic Calculations, and More

One of the most impressive features of ATN's night vision products is the Smart HD technology that is at the heart of these devices. This technology allows for HD video recordings, wireless streaming, ballistic calculations, image stabilization, laser ranging, and much more. These features are standard on most of ATN's optical systems, and they make it possible to capture high-quality images and videos in any lighting conditions.

Customer Satisfaction and Technical Service

ATN is dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction with its products. The company is the manufacturer, not just a distributor, which means that customers can benefit from the savings that come from buying directly from the source. All of ATN's products ship with detailed instruction manuals, attractive retail gift boxes, all necessary hardware, and batteries included. In the unlikely event that a unit needs to be serviced, ATN's Warranty Repair Center in South San Francisco, CA will do the work in 14 to 21 business days.

Expert Advice

ATN has a team of trained professionals who are experts in the company's entire product line. They are dedicated to helping end-users with any problem they might have with the unit. From the simplest problem to the most complex, these experts will help troubleshoot and give expert advice on solving the issue quickly and efficiently. This means that customers won't have to waste time sending the unit back for unnecessary repairs.

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