Night Vision Monocular Brand: EOTech

EOTECH is a company that produces professional grade optics for tier-one professionals. They are known for their high-performance weapon accessories, world-class service and their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. With the acquisition of Intevac Inc’s Photonics division, EOTECH is poised to continue its growth and diversify its product line to meet the changing needs of the market.

EOTECH is defined by the quality of its high-performance weapons accessories and its world-class service. The company presents itself with authority and professionalism, balanced with a level of intelligent wit, humor, and irreverence.

EOTECH takes great pride in delivering an unparalleled world-class service to meet the needs of others. The company conducts itself with respect and unwavering confidence in its core values, reassured by the knowledge that it continuously challenges itself to improve, innovate, and advance.


EOTECH's history can be traced back to 1972 when the University of Michigan created the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM) in Ann Arbor, Michigan as a stand-alone non-profit organization.

In 2001, EOTECH introduced military and law enforcement HWS models, achieving the 2001 Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence Optic of the Year Award.

In 2022, EOTECH acquires Intevac Inc’s Photonics division, a California-based technology leader in cutting-edge digital sensor systems and night vision programs for U.S. and foreign militaries. This acquisition allows EOTECH to diversify its product line and expand into new markets.

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EOTech Clip Night Vision Monocular EOT-CLPO-AI-B

The Benefits of EOTech Clip Night Vision Monocular Night vision technology is becoming increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement personnel, hunters, and more. And one of the leading manufacturers of night vision is EOTech. Their Clip Night Vision Monocular provides a great way to add night vision capabilities to existing day optics. Here’s why […]

EOTech ClipIR Night Vision Monocular EOT-CLPO-DT-B

The EOTech ClipIR Night Vision Monocular: A Game-Changer for Nighttime Vision Night vision has been a game-changer for military and tactical operations for decades, allowing for greater visibility and safety in the dark. But until recently, night vision devices have been bulky, expensive and difficult to use. Now, EOTech has developed a revolutionary new night […]

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