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How to Make Your Smartphone Great Again

Smartphone technology keeps advancing yet some things always seem the same. For instance, you want a fast smartphone that does not drain its battery, and this thought comes when you are reading reviews or checking a variety of option. Something else that does not go away is the need for high-quality audio. No phone is worth its salt if the listening experience is terrible.

Lastly, the camera is the other main purpose for getting phones. You probably checked camera specifications before picking your current phone. If you made a mistake when getting the phone, you could still make some changes to make your choice tolerable. Here are suggestions to improve the value and usefulness of a smartphone after you realize it was not as good as you expected.

Add Covers and Protectors

White earphoneIf your phone lacks gorilla glass protection or an equivalent high strength glass, then get a screen protector. It will give you the same protection at a fraction of the cost of going for something new. Moreover, people will hardly notice and most screens today offer high levels of sensitivity. You can still pinch or zoom with multiple fingers.

Protectors made of silicon covering the phone feel nice to touch and make it easy for you to handle a heating phone. Carbon protectors are great if you are fond of dropping the gadget.

Buy a Power Bank

Batteries last long when a phone is new, and then they gradually age. If you are suffering from low battery life, then you probably know the embarrassment that comes with it. You cannot take out your phone for a chance to get a beautiful photo. If you do, then your battery might drain.

The battery power banks available these days come with various specifications and good designs to fit your everyday needs. Be careful this time so that you do not repeat some mistakes you did when buying the phone.

Acquire Awesome Earbuds

Your phone does not need to suck for you to acquire earbuds. They are a great addition to your music and podcast-listening life. Choices abound, and you need to pick the earbud carefully based on things such as pricing, durability, and sound experiences.


Get a Third Party Eye Protection App

Holding phone and using earphonesYou spend many hours on the phone, and that can be the source of your misery. Not sleeping enough, having watering eyes and a painful forehead might be signs of eye strain. You are probably looking at very bright light throughout the day, and that is affecting your brain and your biological system. You need to get an app that will reduce brightness and blue light on your phone especially when you use it in the evenings.

Most modern flagships have the options as default, but for the unlucky ones, there is the option of getting an app. As you can see, having a crappy or insufficient smartphone is not the end of you. Try out these suggestions, and you will bring back life to your phone. Meanwhile, you will be saving yourself the need to spend more money on a contract for a new smartphone.…

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A Buyers Guide to SD Card for Raspberry Pi 3

Most people own an SD card. This extra storage space is needed for phones, tablets, cameras, audio players, Raspberry Pi and any other gadget where additional gigabytes of storage are required. However, when it comes to micro-sd card fit for raspberry Pi 3, it’s not just about the capacity. You also need to consider other things like the speed class or the manufacture and a list of other features discussed below.

Factors to Consider When Buying an SD Card for Raspberry Pi 3

Speed Class

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Majority of times most of us only look at the storage size of an SD card. What about the speed class? Surprisingly, a good number of customers rarely stop to look at the cryptic symbols on the face of any SD cards. However, the enthusiasts will always be interested to know much more than the storage space.

Looking closer to a memory card, you might see some numbers, which are often ranging from 2-10 inside a broken circle or a large C. Ideally, a value from 2-6 refers to a medium speed memory card while anything beyond 6 is a high-speed memory card. High-speed SD cards are great for HD video recording.


What the capacity has to offer in the case of micro-sd card fit for raspberry Pi 3? Most micro SD cards in the market range from 4 – 64 GB. This is bound to increase owing to the dynamic nature of technology. The capacity chosen is often informed by an individual storage needs and the image/video quality. Of course, if you shoot HD 1080p videos, a 64 GB unit might offer at most 8 minutes of storage space or close to 17000 images. As expected, the higher the quality, the more gigabytes will be used.

Wi-Fi Support

64 GB capacity sd cardWi-Fi supported SD cards have been with us for a while now and are quite popular with professionals. These SD cards enable you to access a cloud-based database with a device that is non-Wi-Fi enabled. As such, this implies that you can upload your workflow remotely without using cables or swapping SD cards. However, you also need to factor in the range of connection and availability of Wi-Fi connections. Also, since the Wi-Fi supported SD cards acts an extra load to the battery, you need to prepare accordingly.

The SD card options in the market are vast. As such, you need to do due diligence on your part to ensure you get something that will serve you right. The features highlighted here will undoubtedly help you find a micro-sd card fit for raspberry Pi 3 that is suitable for your storage needs.…


Facts To Know About Sub-Ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm vape tanks are relatively new in the market. To most people, the concept of sub-ohm vaping remains unclear. Ideally, it refers to some form of resistance put on atomizer’s oil head. This innovative vaping technology takes vaping to another level. How does sub ohm vaping work and why should you think about it? Here are some important factors to know about this new way of vaping.

Creates a Dense Vapor Cloud

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Some vapers prefer vape pens that give them more cloud. Unfortunately, most vape pens on the market do not have what it takes to offer a dense vape cloud. The good news to cloud chasing vapers is that sub- ohm vape pens can offer more than enough cloud. However, these vape pens require a bigger coil or wick. Moreover, they also need to be filled with an e-juice with a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin than propylene. This combination comes with an assurance of massive and denser clouds.

Better Flavor

Flavor means everything to some if not all vapers. For the same reasons a sub-ohm vape pen can produce a large and denser cloud, so does it provide a rich flavor. More vapor on each puff means that the flavor inhaled in equally the same. In fact, the main some vapors are not willing to go back to conventional cape vapes is the richness offered by this sub-ohm pens.

Lowe Nicotine Strength

Another essential feature of sub-ohm vaping is that it uses relatively lower amounts of nicotine. This makes it appropriate for low nicotine vapers along with individuals trying to cut down their dependence on nicotine. In fact, one can use as a way of overcoming traditional smoking, which causes all sorts of health problems. Ideally, low nicotine levels mean that it is a safer and healthier vaping option.

Warm Vapor

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The preference to either warm or cold vapor is a matter of personal preference. However, sub-ohm vapors are known to produce warm vapor due to the heat produced by vaping. If you prefer a warm vape, this is probably what you have always been looking for. On the other hand, it is perhaps not what you need if you prefer a cool vape.

If you love a huge cloud and a big burst of flavor, sub-ohm vaping offers exactly that or even more. There are different brands in the market each with unique features.…