Night Vision Binocular Use Case: Infrared Binoculars

An infrared night vision binocular is a device that uses infrared technology to allow you to see in the dark. It is usually equipped with a special lens that can detect infrared radiation, allowing you to see clearly even in complete darkness.

The binoculars usually come with adjustable magnification, allowing you to zoom in and out to get a clearer view. They are typically used for surveillance, hunting, and other activities that require you to be able to see in the dark.

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Armasight BNVD-51 Pinnacle Gen 3 IIT, Dual Channel Night Vision Binoculars

The Armasight BNVD-51 Gen 3 Dual-Channel Night Vision Device that use Pinnacle White Phosphor IITs come in a rugged Armasight Gray housing that is rated IP67. The BNVD-51 can be powered by either one CR123A which gives 20 hours of battery life or one AA battery providing 12 hours of battery life. The BNVD-51 can […]

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