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A Buyers Guide to SD Card for Raspberry Pi 3

Most people own an SD card. This extra storage space is needed for phones, tablets, cameras, audio players, Raspberry Pi and any other gadget where additional gigabytes of storage are required. However, when it comes to micro-sd card fit for raspberry Pi 3, it’s not just about the capacity. You also need to consider other things like the speed class or the manufacture and a list of other features discussed below.

Factors to Consider When Buying an SD Card for Raspberry Pi 3

Speed Class

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Majority of times most of us only look at the storage size of an SD card. What about the speed class? Surprisingly, a good number of customers rarely stop to look at the cryptic symbols on the face of any SD cards. However, the enthusiasts will always be interested to know much more than the storage space.

Looking closer to a memory card, you might see some numbers, which are often ranging from 2-10 inside a broken circle or a large C. Ideally, a value from 2-6 refers to a medium speed memory card while anything beyond 6 is a high-speed memory card. High-speed SD cards are great for HD video recording.


What the capacity has to offer in the case of micro-sd card fit for raspberry Pi 3? Most micro SD cards in the market range from 4 – 64 GB. This is bound to increase owing to the dynamic nature of technology. The capacity chosen is often informed by an individual storage needs and the image/video quality. Of course, if you shoot HD 1080p videos, a 64 GB unit might offer at most 8 minutes of storage space or close to 17000 images. As expected, the higher the quality, the more gigabytes will be used.

Wi-Fi Support

64 GB capacity sd cardWi-Fi supported SD cards have been with us for a while now and are quite popular with professionals. These SD cards enable you to access a cloud-based database with a device that is non-Wi-Fi enabled. As such, this implies that you can upload your workflow remotely without using cables or swapping SD cards. However, you also need to factor in the range of connection and availability of Wi-Fi connections. Also, since the Wi-Fi supported SD cards acts an extra load to the battery, you need to prepare accordingly.

The SD card options in the market are vast. As such, you need to do due diligence on your part to ensure you get something that will serve you right. The features highlighted here will undoubtedly help you find a micro-sd card fit for raspberry Pi 3 that is suitable for your storage needs.