Tips for Buying a Drone

Using a drone is the new cool way to take pictures and videos. Many people are now buying drones to use for video recording and other fun activity. For those who have not yet known about drones get more info before you are left behind technology wise. You need to go online and see the different drones available for sale. Conventionally, people thought drones were for kids to play with, but currently, you will find many grownups buying drones. Video recording companies have also embraced the use of drones to take pictures from angles that will otherwise be imposable to take. For anybody who wants to buy a drone, there are more advantages to gain from this piece of technology. But you need to consider this points before setting out to buy your first drone.


drones1When buying a drone for personal use, you need to consider the size. Drones come in different sizes. You can now find a small drone that fits in your pocket, and you can also get bigger drones that can carry bigger cameras for video shooting and recording. The size you will choose will depend on your desire and the type of work you want to do with your drone. However, bigger drones may be more expensive compared to the smaller one.


Different drone companies charge differently depending on the technology used to create the drone. Drones with high-resolution cameras are expensive compared to other drones. The size of the drone can also determine the amount of money you will pay. However, pricing is done depending on the tech and the company that made it.


dronesYou need to purchase a drone that you can learn to use quickly. Most drones come with their remote control. However, with technology improving by the day, you can now find drones that you can fly using your phone. All you need to do is download a compatible software to your phone, and you use your phone to fly the drone. You need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of buying different types of drone available in the market.


If you are thinking about buying a drone and you do not know how to go about finding the best, you can use the internet to research and learn about the different type of drones. Using Google is the quickest method you can utilize to learn everything about drones. You will also learn about the different technologies and usability of the drone you wish to buy.…

secured internet connectivity

How to Stay safe on the Internet.

In this age and time, the internet has become very useful and a day cannot pass without one finding him or herself visiting the internet. Be it for news, research purposes, entertainment or even keeping in touch with family and friends. The Internet has been the go-to ‘guy’.

On the downside though is that despite all the great stuff the internet offers it still harbors a plethora of dangers. Malicious computer software and spyware created by cybercriminals are in plenty on the internet and without knowing one can find himself or herself a victim. Other than that, cyberbullies roam within the alleys of social media ready to pounce and attack people without considering anything.

These menaces should of course not deter you from accessing the online realm because of fear. Keeping in mind the tips that will be discussed below you can be pretty sure that you will be safe at all times when surfing the internet.

Set Strong Passwords

Many a times when signing up on social media sites, your school’s portal, etc., you are prompted to set a password of your choice. On some websites,internet fraudsters guidelines can be provided with tools to help test your password’s strength. Ensure that you come up with a very strong and unique password to that cannot be guessed easily. Another pro tip is that you should always avoid using one password for different accounts.

Avoid Installing Doubtful Programs or Plugins.

You may have come across notifications popping up on your desktop or browser window asking to scan your laptop for free. Well, these are malicious programs trying to get access to your PC and cause havoc.

Always avoid clicking on those links, should you need to install a plugin its best to carefully examine it first.

Be Careful with whom You Share Your Information

internet operatorCybercriminals always take advantage of unsuspecting online users, they could send fake emails pretending to be your bank’s customer care requesting your accounts information once they have it they can easily still from you.

To curb this be very cautious when you come across suspicious emails or messages in your social media accounts.

Always Logout from your Personal Accounts

Should you use a public or shared computer do not save your passwords in the browser. Others coming after you have left can easily access your accounts and use them for malicious purposes. Ensure that you completely log out from your accounts once you are done using the computer.…

internet security

Internet Security Threats

Over the years one field that has experienced significant growth has been that of Information Technology. With no signs of stopping or either slowing down, more is still yet to come from this field.

Some of the inventions and discoveries in the IT world have really made life much easier for example nowadays you can easily get all the latest news and information delivered at the click of a button which was quite cumbersome some years back. Nevertheless, despite the significant advancements, one issue that still lingers around the Internet is that of security.

A lapse in concentration in the World Wide Web can leave you open to attacks. Cybercriminals are always on a prowl ready to take advantage ofinternet insecurity unsuspecting internet users. Below we take a look at some of the threats present in the virtual world.


Viruses, not the one that causes common cold but those that attack your computer and literary bring it crashing.

Computer viruses are malicious programs that can transfer from one affected PC to another. Generally, computer viruses are designed to bring havoc to your computer; either steal your personal or private data, corrupt your data and information or even delete everything from your hard disk.


Trojan software or Trojan horses as they are otherwise known are a type of computer virus that disguise as legit software but perform malicious activities in the background.

Once installed, the Trojan starts performing other functions without your knowledge e.g., hacking your computer media devices i.e., camera, mic, etc. Through this, your moves and conversations can be recorded.


internet managementYou may have at one time checked your email inbox and found an email promoting a product or service which you hadn’t previously subscribed for. Well, this could be a case of spamming. Spam can be a bother since they tend to fill up your mailbox with unnecessary messages.

Always keep a keen eye on them, do not just click on any links provided on these emails as they may direct you to harmful websites or even install potentially harmful software on your PC.


Spywares can be categorized under the Trojan software. They are computer programs developed by cybercriminals to spy on you just as their name suggests. A good example of spyware is the keylogger software, once installed in a computer, the software records the victim’s keyboard strokes and could be used to acquire the PCs login credentials.

Phishing Attacks

In their quest to trick internet users, cybercriminals do create an almost identical copy of a company’s email and send it to their victims. These emails could look like those from your bank seeking your private account information.…